About Us

Win-Win-Win, We All Win!

It may be a stretch of a reference to The Office, but it’s still true for the fans, the artists, and the venues.

At showground, we want to make a better experience for the fans, the artists, and the venues. There are many apparent problems with the live music industry like outrageous service fees, bots buying tickets, ticket scalping, and even worse organized ticket scalping. There are also a number of extremely talented artists trying to make a way for more or better opportunities. We hope to solve all these problems and more that the live music industry is facing. We will always have a soft spot in our heart for the little guy, be it the musician who has just started out, the smaller venue, or a local business owner, and we will stay true to them as we grow. We are building a culture and a community to increase the standard that organizations should be held to and to shape the industry. We have a lot of creative ideas, and we’ll have to see where it goes.

Founding Story

Danny Schwartz founded showground in May 2018, just two short months after going to an Odesza concert and paying an additional 60% in fees to Ticketmaster. Seeing one problem after the next, and obsessing about them, he decided to start his own company to solve these problems.

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