We are giving out some shout-outs to a few special shows going on this week. We are hoping to give some of these awesome local artists a bit more exposure, especially for things like album releases, tour kickoffs, and other special shows. We can’t post about everything here, but there is a bunch more on the showground app where it’s super easy to make decisions about shows you want to go see. Take my word for it, it’s the best way to explore the Seattle music scene, and hopefully in a week or so, a way to meet new people through music! We’ll post about shows happening this Memorial day weekend later on, so come check that out too!

Anyway let’s get to the shows!

Monday 5/20

There really isn’t too much going on this Monday. No special shows, but that makes sense… it’s Monday. Two shows we wanted to mention today were Danny Godivez at the Triple Door… cause he’s amazing at guitar and has played with some really famous artists as well. He’s talented to say these least. There’s also a show with at the Sunset with Cycle of Hands, hummingbull, and Lucas Tayne. Worth checking them out! So do it!

Cycle of Hands, hummingbull, Lucas Tayne

Cycle of Hands, hummingbull, and Lucas Tayne Event poster for May 20th

Monday May 20th
7PM Doors / 7:30PM Show
The Sunset Tavern – https://showground-app.com/share?venueProfile=Umw4UWMzMyt/the-sunset-tavern
Tickets – https://www.ticketweb.com/event/cycle-of-hands-hummingbull-lucas-sunset-tavern-tickets/9378965

Cycle of Hands – https://showground-app.com/share?artistProfile=anoxUlVzVTE/cycle-of-hands
hummingbull – https://showground-app.com/share?artistProfile=cHdKVGJHWFJ/hummingbull
Lucas Tayne – https://showground-app.com/share?artistProfile=OEpjNE1MV0l/lucas-tayne

Danny Godinez at The Triple Door

Danny Godinez

Monday May 20th
The Sunset Tavern – https://showground-app.com/share?venueProfile=MHNrYngyYnl/the-triple-door

Danny Godinez – https://showground-app.com/share?artistProfile=Z1ZuM3VnTDd/danny-godinez

Tuesday 5/21

There’s a few shows happening tonight, but the show you should probably be checking out is our friends Happy Heartbreak at Chop Suey. Tiger Rider is headlining, Zero Harbor and The Anhedonians (from El Paso, TX) are opening. If you don’t like my suggestion you can always check the app, but come on. Go check em out. You’ll probably like it!

Tiger Rider, Happy Heartbreak, The Anhedonians, Zero Harbor

Tiger Rider

Tuesday May 21st
$8 adv / $10 dos
Chop Suey – https://showground-app.com/share?venueProfile=blRMV0tQQnh/chop-suey
Tickets – https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1849088

Tiger Rider – https://showground-app.com/share?artistProfile=OG5HNEpadWh/tiger-rider
Happy Heartbreak – https://showground-app.com/share?artistProfile=U01ZYi9icFV/happy-heartbreak
Zero Harbor – ?
The Anhedonians – https://theanhedonians.bandcamp.com

Wednesday 5/22

The Together Collective is playing on Wednesday at Sea Monster Lounge. First off, who wouldn’t love this funky rock amazingness. They haven’t had a show in a bit so we’re dying to hear what they’ve been working on. On top of that, Jeremy from the band has been helping us with UX and design for some things we’ve been working on. We love the Together Collective, and you will too! So check out their music and make it out on Wednesday. It’s also free so there’s no excuse you should miss it!

The Together Collective at Sea Monster Lounge

The Together Collective show poster at Sea Monster Lounge

Wednesday May 22nd
8PM Doors / 8:30PM Show
Pretty sure it’s 21+
Sea Monster Lounge –https://showground-app.com/share?venueProfile=V2Q3TmdGdXR/sea-monster-lounge

The Together Collective – https://showground-app.com/share?artistProfile=QjhEOUFDR3g/the-together-collective

Thursday 5/23

So not too many releases earlier this week, but as usual things seem to blow up on Thursday. Three album releases, an in store performance by High Pulp. So much greatness.

New Bloom Album release and FINAL SHOW

New Blooms final show and album release poster with sorcia, Bobcat, and Mud on My Bra at the Kraken Bar & Lounge

An album release that’s also their final show? This show deserves like 10x special shoutouts. The lineup is all local bands, so get out there and support em!

Thursday May 23rd
$7 at the door
The Kraken – https://showground-app.com/share?venueProfile=bWgxZk1HanJ/the-kraken-lounge

New Blooms – https://showground-app.com/share?artistProfile=WHRQZ0xSR3l/new-bloom
Sorcia – https://showground-app.com/share?artistProfile=WjNkMzBqVks/sorcia
Bobcat – https://showground-app.com/share?artistProfile=SG9HRmtQNWt/bobcat
Mud On My Bra – https://showground-app.com/share?artistProfile=ajlBckFuU0F/mud-on-my-bra

Black Giraffe – Bowie EP Release

Black Giraffe

Black Giraffe is releasing a new EP! And Hotels are playing too! And it looks like Richie Dagger’s Crime was also recently added to the bill! Hell yeah! Gonna be a great show, you should be excited to hear their new music. Give em a listen in those links below and hear for yourself!

Thursday May 23rd
$8 adv / $10 dos
Barboza – https://showground-app.com/share?venueProfile=bklKaEZuMHp/barboza
Tickets – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/59136907081

Black Giraffe – https://showground-app.com/share?artistProfile=aGpMWmYvSnZ/black-giraffe
Hotels – https://showground-app.com/share?artistProfile=T043RC9aZnN/hotels
Richie Dagger’s Crime – https://showground-app.com/share?artistProfile=ZkZZb0V5ZVB/richie-daggers-crime

Great American Trainwreck Album Release

Great American Trainwreck Album Release Party at Tractor Tavern with World's Finest and The Lowest Pair

Another Album release! World’s Finest is coming up from Portland, and we have locals The Lowest Pair opening up the night! Give em a listen!

Thursday May 23rd
7:30PM Doors / 8PM Show
Tractor Tavern – https://showground-app.com/share?venueProfile=UnVZMXR1N1Z/tractor-tavern
Tickets – https://www.ticketweb.com/event/great-american-trainwreck-release-w-tractor-tickets/9276625

Great American Trainwreck – https://showground-app.com/share?artistProfile=bGtGeXhXbXN/great-american-trainwreck
The World’s Finest – http://worldsfinestmusic.com
The Lowest Pair – https://showground-app.com/share?artistProfile=YXNITVhiWGx/the-lowest-pair

High Pulp In Store

High Pulp Cover

All ages and free in store event from High Pulp. Give their music a listen. Check em out at Sonic Boom Records!

Thursday May 23rd
All ages!
Sonic Boom Records – https://showground-app.com/share?venueProfile=QkIxaHYra2Q/sonic-boom-records

High Pulp – https://showground-app.com/share?artistProfile=U29OMGlaQlZ/high-pulp

Well that’s all we have for you. Go out there and support local music. Go to some shows. By some cool merch. Buy a CD or a record. The Seattle music scene needs your support! Find out about cool shows by downloading and using our app! You can also follow our instagram and facebook @showgroundseattle for daily posts with our self-claimed hilarious memes

You can download the app on our website – https://showground-app.com

Feel free to let us know why we suck… so can suck less! And if you don’t see your show in the app, let us know. Shoot us an email at info@showground-app.com

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