We are making improvements to showground, and plan to add many more features and improve usability. If your question cannot be answered here, or you have feedback for something we should be doing or think we should change, please send us an email at info@showground-app.com!

We are trying to keep things simple at first and not too overwhelming. We plan to improve our recommendations in the future by importing data from other apps (only with permission of course!)
We plan on adding this functionality soon!
You should only have one user account, the way you personally shouldn’t have more than one facebook accounts!
We recommend creating a venue account if you want to get in touch with artists looking for gigs, or if you’d like to make a post for one even if it’s for a one time event. We’d also love to talk to you if you’re interested in this, so please email us at info@showground-app.com!
We only import your email, username, profile pic etc that we can use to help make your account. We do not import any other data. Eventually we want to integrate spotify data to offer better recommendations, but we will always ask for permission first!
Please send a request to info@showground-app.com. If you have any feedback on why you’re deleting your account please let us know.
Email us at info@showground-app.com! We really appreciate all the feedback we can get!
If you’re a busker and would like to post events, email us at info@showground-app.com. We want to hear from you! You can post events, but right now every event needs an associated venue with it. Just email us!
To add or change genres, select your artist account and open the menu at the top left and go to “add genre.” These are the genres people can search and filter by, and the one that goes on your artist card, but we hope you add more information about your music on your profile. We plan to go into more detailed subgenres later on.
Please just send us an email at info@showground-app.com and we can take care of it. You can always edit your artist or venue name, info, address etc.